What makes Musical Life Competition different from other competitions with concerts at Carnegie Hall?

Musical Life Foundation is run by seasoned music professionals that are passionate about providing a meaningful experience for the applicants. We believe in the benefit of a positive competition experience, the option to audition LIVE, and constructive comments from from a renowned jury. If selected as a winner, ample time for rehearsal and performance are allotted to the winners for intended maximum growth from the entire experience.

Can I register the same applicant for Musical Life Competition and Composers in Residence?

No. Each applicant is asked to choose which division suits them best, you cannot register for both. Composers that are able to perform their own pieces may apply to the Musical Life Competition if they are able to adhere to the repertoire and age requirements.

How do I see updates on my Musical Life Competition and Musical Life in Residence progress?

Updates on each applicant are available by logging into the portal(when they are published). When new information is published to each account, and email notification is sent. Dates of information release throughout the process are also available in the calendar section of the portal.

Who accompanies the Musical Life Competition string applicants during LIVE auditions and performances?

Musical Life Competition encourages each string applicant to bring their own accompanist to the live audition and performance. A list of reputable piano accompanists can be available upon request.

Can I register multiple applicants for the Musical Life Competition or Composers in Residence Initiative?

Yes. You can submit multiple applications under one portal login. Each applicant’s information is stored based their name.

Who chooses the Composers in Residence?

The Composers in Residence are chosen by our lead Composition jury member, in collaboration with the the Musical Life Competition jury.

Who debuts the works of the selected Composers in Residence?

The Composers in Residence original works are premiered by our Musical Life Competition winners that are wanting to pair in the collaborative program, at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. Chosen Composers in Residence may be considered for other opportunities through Musical Life Foundation.

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