Musical Life Foundation

Upholds and supports musicians in their professional journey, provides various dynamic development and performance opportunities.

A 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to serving classical music.

Musical Life Foundation works to help connect our global communities through the universal language of music. We strive to cultivate an ongoing love and appreciation for the musical arts by captivating concert audiences with new and exciting performances and ideas. Musical Life’s work is inspired by using music as a vehicle for artistic expression, communication and togetherness and supporting musicians.

Our Mission

Our Youth Development Programs are specifically built for inspiring and supporting young musicians and composers so they may excel to new heights in the field of classical music. Musical Life Competition 1st Place winners are invited to perform at Weill Recital at Carnegie Hall, and have the option to partner with Composers in Residence to premier their works. Our Composers in Residence  program allows a space for new Composers to have their works premiered in Carnegie Hall and partner with Musical Life Competition winners for a unique and collaborative debut experience.  If selected a winner by the jury in our audition process, young musicians will receive important performance and debut opportunities and possible media exposure to use as a stepping stone to their developing musical careers.

Development Programs

2023/2024 Season is LIVE! Applications are OPEN.  Apply to the Musical Life Competition (ages 18 and under) by February 1st and Composers in Residence Initiative (ages 20 and under) by February 12th!

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